Poetry: Rockslide of Existence

Thoughts on a dusty summer hike.

Oh that I could roll away
In a rockslide of existence.
Like the lizards and the snakes;
Like the ground squirrels, or the rocks
I continually dislodge on this dusty trail.
To cascade into something greater,
Each individual plunge a mysterious
And a momentous occasion.
I see myself rolling now.
I’m smeared with brown
And green and dirt and things.
Tumbling down until my eyes only see
This lapis lazuli blue
Only smell this sagebrush
Only taste the dust between my teeth
Only see the fervid green of the oak leaves,
The mountain ash,
The brilliantly red penstemon:
All rolling together into one.
Blurring into a unity of existence.
Not a suicide,
Rather a resurrection
As my personhood is redeemed in the whole.
Not obliterated,
Not annihilated
Merely consummated.
In this ecstasy
This movement
This life
This wild breath.