Poetry: Worlds Without End

A brief meditation on the aims of Christian discipleship in the Restoration tradition.

Yesterday I cried as I did my homework 

Not because it was difficult and not because I was stressed

But rather because it was all more beautiful than I imagined 

My sandals were in the corner and I sat bare-foot in the center of the room

Surrounded by carpet, initially, but extending the circumference there was a textured face of tan rock 

And handsome glass-and-brick buildings where teenagers fell in love with the Great Commission

And then a broad block of Timpanogos guarded by fog 

But the beauty, strictly speaking, was neither architectural nor geological

It was probably parochial, tied as it was to the particular sensibilities of a single human mind,

But it was more than that too

Because the structures of Provo are part and parcel of a breathtaking and ongoing response to a theology, a religion and a God

That ask that we never stop learning nor loving nor building nor saving 

Until Kirtland, Nauvoo, Far West and Salt Lake cease to be Mormon cities

And become instead harbingers, prophetic outposts, of a world, a cosmos and a human family 

United in Christ and sealed by the temple priesthood.