What is the Utah Monthly?

The Utah Monthly is a free weekly online newsletter that provides Utahns with discussions and perspectives on Utah politics, art, history, religions, culture, environment, ideas, and current events. Our mission is to strengthen local Utah communities and culture by fostering deeper understanding of local issues and situations, elevating important ideas and debates, and developing and showcasing local literary, artistic, and creative talent. In essence, borrowing from George Will’s idea of “statecraft as soulcraft,” we imagine our content as placecraft—working to replace placelessness with placefulness.

The Utah Monthly is run entirely by dedicated unpaid volunteers serving as the newsletter’s editors and monthly contributors. To give voice to a wide range of Utah-related perspectives, opinions, and experiences, the Utah Monthly welcomes contributions. We invite anyone interested in contributing an article (generally between 700–2,500 words), poetry, or short story to submit your contribution to utahmonthly@gmail.com.

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What readers say:

“Utah can be a peculiar place, but it’s sometimes hard for me to put my finger on what makes it special. The Utah Monthly gets at exactly the kinds of details that I feel matter to understanding our state. The essays, history, interviews, and poetry share a kind of curiosity and openness to others’ experiences. It’s been some of my favorite and most memorable reading of the last year.”

- Ryan Davis, BYU professor of political philosophy

“The Utah Monthly is good food for the soul, even if you don't live in Utah, but especially if you do. It offers consistently wise insights into the complex reality of contemporary Utah life and is an important companion in the quest for a vibrant and sustainable sense of place in Utah.”

- George Handley, BYU professor and Provo City Council member

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Birder, cyclist, and observer of the natural and built environment.
A mother of three, a former school teacher, and a current juggler of passions including eco-feminism, spirituality, social justice, global perspectives, and reading.
Writer and Editor for The Utah Monthly. Lover of culture, high and low.
Happiest at BYU and in the Idaho wilderness. Enthusiast of country music and armchair theology.
San Diegan. Student of the world currently manifest at BYU. Lover of Tolstoy and sourdough bread. "I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see and what it means." - Joan Didion
Recent University of Utah graduate, aspiring historian. Passions include women’s issues, LGBTQ rights, and the intersection of the past with the present.
Christi Leman is a writer, pianist, and volunteer with Mormon Women for Ethical Government.
I'm the fourth of seven children, and among other things I enjoy reading, rollerblading and listening to podcasts.
BYU and UCLA alumn, native Las Vegan, avid sports, history, and film fan.
I'm a public policy grad student at the University of Virginia. I also think that most millennial author bios are pretty conceited.
Fly fisher, bird watcher, and occasional pie baker. Personally introduced graduate students at two universities to jello salad.
Lover of clouds, blankets, and gum. Founder of @ldswomeninlaw. Aspiring Vermonter.
Occasional writer, full-time foodie. Living the Latin maxim, De gustibus non est disputandum • In matters of taste, there can be no disputes.
PhD Student in English, University of Virginia | Russian America & Literary Ecology | BYU Alum (English + Russian BA) | Amateur movie & pop-culture buff | Caretaker of far too many plants